Opening Round Window uPVC – Double Glazed | White, Rosewood, Light Oak, Anthracite Grey, Black

£318.00 inc VAT

Choose the overall frame diameter in milimeters. This should be 10mm smaller than an existing brick to brick opening to allow clearance. e.g. 600mm window for a 610mm brick to brick opening
Here you can leave any notes that will be looked at before the window goes into production for example if you want to request a different colour on a design or leave delivery instructions.

Price with selected options:

  • WER ‘A’ Energy Rated with a 1.4 W/(m2·K) u value or lower as standard, meeting the current building regulations for replacement windows
  • High quality Kommerling PVC-u, manufactured to BS Kitemark European Standards
  • Glass guaranteed against failing for 10 years, manufactured to BS Kitemark European Standards
  • Customisable. A choice of frame size, colour, clear or obscure glass and glass designs

Opening Round Window PVC uPVC with Double Glazed Low E and Argon Filled Glass any size from 530mm to 1000mm diameter

Overall frame diameter made to measure between 530mm and 1000mm.
Visible glass area is 186mm less than overall diameter (The frame is 93mm either side so a 600mm frame has 414mm of glass).
The frame has a 70mm depth into the wall.
The glass unit is 28mm thick and meets current UK building regulations for conservation of fuel and power.

The hinge has a security pin which cannot be removed without first removing the handle from inside the house.

The handle also acts as a restrictor, holds the window open 150mm for ventilation as shown in the pictures and snaps down in place to lock the window, there is no key needed.

The window will be sent with the hinge fitted. We fit the handle to make sure the window works correctly but it must be removed when packaging and for fitting, there are four screws included for the handle which you can screw in with a Philips screwdriver by hand once the window is held in place with packers. Please make sure to fit the handle after packing the frame into the opening and check it opens and closes correctly before sealing in place with silicone.

  • Suitable for use on both external and internal walls.
  • If you are replacing an existing window you should order 10mm smaller than the brick to brick opening to allow clearance which can be filled with silicone 
  • .e.g. A 600mm window would fit in a 610mm brick to brick opening.
  • If you are ordering for an internal wall (between two rooms) you can request not to have a drain slot in the notes if you prefer.
  • Within England, Approved Document L, Conservation of fuel and power now requires replacement windows of dwellings to have a maximum whole window u value of 1.4 W/(m2·K) or minimum Window Energy Rating (WER) Band B. The requirement is for a whole window rating taking into account all the materials used to make the window.
  • Our windows meet this requirement as standard with a 1.4 W/(m2·K) u value or lower (WER ‘A’). This is achieved through the use of a 5-Chambered profile system and Low-emissivity coated 28mm double glazed unit with warm edge spacer.
  • Low E Glass Coating:
  • We use PLANIBEL A. PLANIBEL A is a revolutionary new hard coating that meets the highest glass performance expectations for Window Energy Ratings (WERs).
  • Along with argon gas filling this helps to keep your home warm in the winter, cool in the summer and reduce energy bills.
  • (Comes with a 10 year guarantee against failing)
           Spacer Bar:
  • We use a warm edge Black soft spacer. Warm edge spacers help to drastically reduce heat loss through the edge of the glass where up to 80% of the heat escapes as well as reducing condensation on and around the glass.
  • PVC-u Profile:
  • We use Kommerling. Kommerling is a market – leading manufacturer. Widely recognised as having the best and most complete product range in the market. Kommerling Systems have been installed in millions of properties. Our round windows are made with Kommerlings chamfered 53mm slim line frame and sculptured bead. A 5 chamber system that not only looks great but performs with it’s exceptional energy ratings and discolouration resistance. 
  • Woodgrain Foils:
  • We use only the best coloured wood effect foils on the market from Renolit. For our Rosewood, Light Oak, Anthracite Grey, Black, Irish Oak and Agate grey windows renolit foils are used with a top PMMA layer that protects the colours and designs against fading caused by UV radiation or other weathering effects. 
  • The PVC-u Profile and Glass Unit are both manufactured to BS Kitemark European Standards.
  • We have been manufacturing round windows for over 40 years using the best materials and manufacturing techniques to supply the highest quality product on the market.
  • The glass is held in with Internal beads and windows are fitted with a face drain slot on the outside to allow condensation to drain away from the property
  • Direct from the manufacturer, made in the UK


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Weight 10 kg
Energy Rating



53mm Face Chamfer Kommerling & 70mm 'T' Kommerling Sash
(70mm Depth into the wall)


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